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3 Steps to Becoming a "Serial Lister" in Any Market
How to Identify, Reach & Meet People Who Must Sell

Discover a complete listing system that creates reliable, repeatable & predictable outcome and guarantees results without cold calling, door knocking or mailers. This is NOT a lead generation system, it's a marketing system that delivers face-to-face appointments with homeowners who must sell.



  • Wednesday, 3rd May
  • 10 am Pacific
  • Noon Central
  • 1 pm Eastern

Top three reasons to attend this live webinar:

  • Forget "lack of inventory"! Over 400,000 people need Realtor RIGHT NOW and they will sell with somebody very soon. Let us show you how to find them so it's not "somebody", it's you!
  • It's not another software or CRM! We're not trying to sell you another software or a course on how to "Master Facebook" or "Crack the Code of LinkedIn." We'll be discussing a step-by-step listing system from getting the leads to meeting homeowners. The system should be implemented in real life, not online!
  • It's super simple! You get started right away. No need to watch tens of videos or buy expensive tools. If you choose to act, you will be able to get started right away and go to your first appointment as soon as next week.

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"Tried Cold-Calling and Mailers with a Great Deal of Frustration and Not a Lot of Success... The MONSTER was Life-changing!"

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