Refund Policy

1. Purchaser understands that the MONSTER system is a proprietary, information based educational system that contains the industry trade secrets and intellectual property of LEE HONISH. LEE HONISH (Lee Honish LLC.) guarantees face to face meetings** with homeowners and offers a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE contingent upon the following:

1.1 Purchaser shall participate in at least one instructional coaching session with a certified MONSTER coach.

1.2 Purchaser shall use a third party data source (recommended by Lee Honish LLC or one of their own choice).

1.3 Purchaser shall obtain the services of a call center for facilitating MONSTER calls. Information about call centers shall be provided by their coach during instructional coaching call and accessible via password protected Members Area .

1.4 Purchaser shall make good faith efforts to contact prospective clients by applying the MONSTER system for 4 consecutive weeks, which means distributing 18 to 36 MONSTER labels for 4 consecutive weeks, in the manner described during your one-on-one coaching session.

2. In the event Purchaser has satisfied all the provisions in Refund Policy paragraph one and all its subsections for 30 days, and has still been unable to have a face to face meeting** with a homeowner, Purchaser shall take the following steps:

2.1 Notify their sales agent in writing that Purchaser has not been able to secure face to face meetings** with homeowners.

2.2 Allow the sales agent or one of Lee Honish, LLC, coaches access to Purchasers call center information.

2.3 Allow the LEE HONISH company to make good faith efforts AT THE COMPANY’S EXPENSE to obtain face to face meetings** for Purchaser by applying the MONSTER system for a period of 14 days.

3. In the event that all aforementioned provisions have been satisfied, and Purchaser still has not had a face to face meeting** with a homeowner, LEE HONISH shall refund Purchaser the full purchase price of the MONSTER system.

** A face to face meeting shall be defined as a direct, in person meeting with a homeowner contacted via the MONSTER’S proprietary marketing system.