How to Overcome ANY Objection in Real Estate Sales

10 Persuasive Selling Sentences For Real Estate Professionals

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Objections are inevitable part of prospecting (be it cold calling, door knocking or any other form of conversation). The way you handle them will determine whether you’re going to connect with a prospect and eventually close a deal or have a door shut in your face (or a phone hung up on you). Use 10 Persuasive Selling Sentences creatively to eliminate confrontation, build an immediate connection, and get a green light to follow up in the future.

  • Simple, fun and effective sentences that will paralyze any objection
  • Avoid confrontation by appearing that you ALWAYS agree with your prospects, even if you actually disagree.
  • Even the biggest skeptics will have no choice but agree with you or walk away looking like fools...
  • Works on buyers, sellers, divorce, late payments, probate, FSBO, expired, even on fellow real estate agents (you know, the difficult ones, not you, of course :).