What is the MONSTER Marketing System? Is it an elaborate flyer/postcard/mailer?

It is definitely NOT a flyer/postcard/mailer… it’s completely different from anything you’ve seen before. The MONSTER Marketing System is a unique business process designed to get Realtors and Investors face to face with homeowners. The process consists of targeted data, proprietary marketing piece (which is NOT a postcard or a flyer), specific delivery method, predictable homeowner’s response, dedicated coaching--all working in concert and leading to a face-to-face meeting with a homeowner, who is in a position to sell their property. You probably heard the saying “the devil is in the detail”… it’s a good way to describe the MONSTER. Certain aspects of the MONSTER include services that are familiar to real estate professionals (a call center, for instance) other parts are unique (and even proprietary – the “secret sauce”). Together, they work seamlessly and deliver maximum marketing power.

Is it some kind of software or Facebook plugin?

Absolutely not! Even though we’re very passionate (and knowledgeable) when it comes to online marketing, the MONSTER is not a magical “get-leads-on-Facebook” system. It’s just the opposite! In the world dominated by social media and online communication, the MONSTER approach is to get Buyer’s or Seller’s attention BEFORE they go online. You can then utilize social media and other tools to follow up with your prospects, but our job is to get you face-to-face appointments with living, breathing people who have to sell.

So the MONSTER is not a fully automated system that will get me listings?

Some of us on the MONSTER team has been in real estate business for decades and we have yet to see a “fully automated system” that gets listings. If you find one, please let us know! If you are too busy to spend 4 hours a week implementing the system, the MONSTER is not for you. All it takes to succeed with our system is 4 hours of work a week…

How does the MONSTER compare to sending mailers and other marketing methods?

Mailers, postcards, bench ads and other forms of advertising usually have 50% open/view rate, 3% response rate and a face-to-face rate that is between 0 and 100% (which is a fancy way of saying nobody can predict whether they’re going to result in a single face-to-face meeting). They are also notoriously expensive and inefficient. With the MONSTER, all you need is targeted data (only 36 names a week) and the MONSTER itself. The MONSTER has a 100% open rate, 20% response rate and 50% face-to-face rate (approximately half of those who call will agree to meet a Realtor in their home).

What’s coaching? I’m pretty good at what I do and am able to learn new things quickly. Why can’t I just have the MONSTER and skip the coaching?

The MONSTER is not a rocket science; in fact, it’s very simple. The only catch is… it only works if you try it. Unfortunately, some Realtors never implement the system; others try to re-invent it or miss a small but crucial detail. The MONSTER students get two weekly coaching sessions—one with the creator of the MONSTER, Lee Honish, another with their assigned coach (most likely another California Realtor). It’s a big investment and we want you to succeed!

I like the idea of face-to-face appointments, but what do I say when I’m at the homeowner’s door? How do I close them?

Research shows that you have 90 seconds to build your credibility during your home appointment. While we can’t physically be with you at the door, the MONSTER includes a special training on how to maximize those precious seconds and how to ace your appointments. Ultimately, the MONSTER helps you connect with people and build relationship. “Closing” someone during the first meeting is a fluke. The MONSTER offers predictable and consistent results.

I would like to try it, but it’s too expensive. Why do you charge so much?

First of all, you’re aware of our written 100% Money Back Guarantee, right? If you do all the steps and you do not get any face-to-face appointments, we will refund your money. Secondly, while the MONSTER is a relatively big investment, getting just one listing will more than cover your expenses. It took many hours (a few years-worth of hours) to create, test, and prefect the MONSTER. Compared to any internet fad, our product is expensive, but if you compare it to what some big name coaches charge for simple motivational training—our guaranteed face-to-face marketing system is quite affordable.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. During the checkout, select “PayPal Credit” as your payment source. If approved (the process is almost instantaneous and most borrowers get approved), you will have a chance to use PayPal credit to cover the entire purchase (minus monthly coaching of $147). You will then be able to pay off the balance in 6 months interest-free. If for some reason you reach the final confirmation step and do not see “PayPal Credit” option, don’t go through with the transaction and email us at support@doyoumonster.com instead; we will send you a different payment link.

Why do I need to create a PayPal account?

Because we require recurring payments for coaching, PayPal asks you to create an account for your protection. This is also the way for us to set up the recurring payments. PayPal has outstanding security and is known for always looking out for the buyers’ interests.