Vladas KrivickasI’m an entrepreneur, marketer, and co-founder Intelligent Clout, a Los Angeles-based boutique custom web design and online marketing company. Our company builds websites that tell stories and create marketing campaigns that catapult our clients’ income by increasing their sales and marketing effectiveness.

Since 2010, I’ve conducted over 300 webinars and over 100 on-site trainings for real estate agents on various topics related to marketing, branding, and growing their business. My clients also include attorneys, diplomats, international import/export groups, local roofing companies and even a permanent makeup clinic.

Working with real estate professionals and other small business owners inadvertently launched my career as a consultant and occasional speaker. Most of the things I do intersect with what we do at Intelligent Clout; some engagements sort of run parallel. MONSTER is one of those things.

I’ve had a privilege of working with Lee for the past 6 years or so. However, until late 2014, I was not directly involved in the MONSTER. I was doing joint webinars with Lee because I believed in his system and I valued his efforts to educate real estate professionals about marketing, but—at least officially—I was not part of the MONSTER team. Finally, with my web development and online company growing rapidly and after launching a few other successful ventures, I decided that incorporating MONSTER in my marketing consulting business is the right thing to do. And here’s why.

While I was working as a Marketing Director for RealtyProx, a real estate transaction management platform, I had many opportunities to travel the country and attend all the major real estate trade shows. Until this day, I haven’t seen other real estate marketing system that would come close to Lee’s MONSTER in terms of efficiency, results, and ease to follow/implement. The newest version of the MONSTER is the only guaranteed real estate marketing system in the market with predictable and replicatable results. So I gladly accepted Lee’s offer to join the team, put my own spin on the monster, and became the very first MONSTER’S franchisee.

When you’re buying the MONSTER from me, you’re getting everything that Lee has created (with the help of his fiancée and his business partner, Diana Ortiz), plus all the extras and bonuses developed by yours truly, plus, special pricing on web development, content, online marketing, etc. (should you decide to work with me as the co-founder of Intelligent Clout, that is if you need a website or an advice on online presence and marketing).

So thanks for stopping by and I hope you will find this website valuable and you will make a decision to say “yes” to the MONSTER.