The MONSTER & Redirectional Marketing

Monster Marketing System is the first cohesive online marketing system based on a revolutionary redirectional marketing concept created by Lee Honish. MONSTER helps real estate agents, brokers and investors get more listings and GUARANTEES face-to-face appointments by offering reliable, repeatable & predictable marketing techniques designed to bring in more listings or deals.

If getting more listings (or deals, if you're an investor) is something you think about before going to sleep at night... MONSTER is for you.

One of the biggest problems today that real estate professionals face is how to get quality leads and how to connect with your prospects. Trulia, Zillow, and Redfin pretty much control all the real estate related traffic. No real estate professional can compete with their technology and their reach... unless they have the MONSTER.

The MONSTER utilizes redirectional marketing and redirects consumers to you, the Realtor. This happens OFFLINE, in the real world, BEFORE they go online or ask their friends to refer a real estate agent. Now you are free to generate your own high quality leads, so you won't have to buy them from Trulia, Zillow and other companies.

But there's another problem Technology makes it very easy to contact homeowners (think of tools such as autodialers), but the fact that you can effortlessly contact a thousand people doesn't mean that you will connect with them and that they will end up hiring you as their Realtor.

The MONSTER solves this problem by utilizing permission marketing, so homeowners feel that they're in control. They're buying as opposed to being sold to.

So What is the MONSTER?

MONSTER (noun) (adjective) 1. A process to get face to face appointments with homeowners with their permission. 2. A system of step-by-step training & follow up designed to connect with homeowners so you can turn strangers into leads and leads into listings. 3. A lifestyle of being a real estate advocate.

The MONSTER works with any niche, as long as there is publicly available data (MONSTER connects you with data providers too!), including: Expired Listings, Canceled Listings, FSBOs, Divorce, Missed Payments (NOD) Probate…

Marketing VS Advertising…  Marketing is anything where you are approaching a consumer with a specific message and or offer that is targeted to their desired needs. Advertising is a blasted message and or offer done without a targeted consumers in mind. The terms are often confused. In fact, the definitions imply the same desired result of attracting a consumer.

The creating of MONSTER Marketing involved many of these ideas, but… The frustration of not having a direct advertising approach with marketing accuracy AND had predictable outcomes for Realtors® and Investors WAS NEVER CREATED… UNTIL NOW.

THE MONSTER Will Show You How To...

  • how to geo-target & identify people who must sell;
  • how to use the BEST marketing pieces;
  • what to say when they call you;
  • what to say when you go to the door;
  • what to take to the door and how to follow up to get MORE listings;
  • what is the best source for leads;
  • what is the best marketing piece;
  • what is best to take to the door;
  • what is the best script;
  • what is the best presentation;
  • what are the best tools to enhance online visibility...