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Beat Other Real Estate Agents & Investors to the Deal

Monster Marketing is a unique real estate lead generation and conversion system that creates reliable, repeatable & predictable outcome and guarantees results without cold calling, door knocking or mailers.

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"Tried Cold-Calling and Mailers with a Great Deal of Frustration and Not a Lot of Success...
The MONSTER was Life-changing!"

"3 listings & 75k in Commissions in Less Than 1 Month Doing the System... DO IT!"

Monster Marketing is the most effective system in the market. Anybody can reach people. With this system – you connect with people. You can reach a thousand homeowners a week, but what good is that if you don’t connect?

Steve Hawks Steve Hawks
Top 2% (Nationwide)

I was a cold caller and door knocker. Having home owners call me instead of me chasing them was an absolute 360 turnaround. I went from zero listings to 17… thanks to MONSTER!

Mary Ann Schmelz Mary Ann Schmelz
Broker in Phoenix, AZ

    • Sounds Great, But What Exactly is the MONSTER?

      MONSTER (noun) (adjective) 1. A lead generation process to get face to face appointments with homeowners. 2. A system of step-by-step training & follow up designed to connect with homeowners so you can turn strangers into leads and leads into listings. 3. A lifestyle of being a real estate advocate.

      The MONSTER works with any niche, as long as there is publicly available data (MONSTER connects you with data providers too!), including: Expired Listings, Canceled Listings, FSBOs, Divorce, Missed Payments (NOD) Probate…

    • What MONSTER is NOT

      This is not a postcard system or mail system!
      This is not an elaborate door knocking system!
      This is not a set of scripts for cold calls from the call center system!
      This is not a magic formula to get listings “on the Internet”!

      This is a 100% unique redirectional marketing approach based on GUARANTEED
      face-to-face-meetings with REAL people!

    Why Real Estate Professionals (and Investors) Need the MONSTER?

    • The MONSTER solves 2 problems:

      How to get quality leads without buying them from companies like Trulia, Zillow, or
      How to connect with your prospects in the way that they would respond to your message and hire you as their Realtor.

    • Generate Leads

      Real estate search is dominated by Trulia, Zillow,, Redfin and Google. Even top producers are in no position to compete with those giant companies. MONSTER Marketing System is based on redirectional marketing that re-directs prospects to real estate agents before they become online leads. MONSTER enables real estate professionals and investors to generate leads on their own terms… on demand.


    • Connect and Engage

      Most real estate professionals engage in advertising, not marketing. Advertising is based on “spray and pray” concept. You blast your message as wide and loud as your budget allows and expect that it will resonate with some netting you a few prospects. Marketing is a more targeted approach than advertising, but more importantly, marketing creates connection and results in engagement. It’s a lot easier to sell to a friend than to a lead.

    • Ejoy Predictable Results

      One of the most frustrating aspects of being a real estate professional is not knowing where your next commission check is coming from. The MONSTER Marketing System is designed for those who wish to work smart, not hard, and delivers predictable results. As long as you continue practicing MONSTER Marketing, you will always have listings in your pipeline. Marketing brings a steady growth, while advertising created dramatic lows and highs.

    How It Works? (MONSTER Lead Generation Process)

    • 1


      Using any public data source (Expired, NOD, Tax Lien, FSBO, Probate, etc.), you will identify 18 properties that you would like to target. We will recommend the best data providers and give you exclusive pricing so you can go from data to listings in no time. You will also get access step-by-step training on data mining for listings.

    • 2


      Deliver the MONSTER device to your target properties. MONSTER has a 100% open rate.

    • 3


      Homeowner responds seeking more info by calling your call center. Recommended vendors are always pre-screened, tested, and trained on the Monster Marketing systems and scripts for setting appointments for you.The call center obtains homeowner's phone number and email address. They will email date and time for each appointment they set. MONSTER has 20% response rate (mailers and postcards, in comparison, have only 3% response rate).

    • 4


      You will meet homeowners at their homes, deliver a package with information they need ("give to get") and start building credibility and connection with them. No more chasing leads--they will come to you instead!

    • 5


      Use SlyDial, MailChimp and other free tools to follow up with your prospects. Build your rapport by answering any questions they may have & act like a homeowners advocate until they completely trust your advice and expertise. We will show you step-by-step how to create an automated follow up sequence.

    • 6


      Meet the homeowner for the final time at their home or (ideally) have them come to your office to sign the Listing Agreement.

    • 7


      Participate in our coaching group, hone your conversion techniques, utilize online tools to farm smart and repeat the process until you are able to get 1 listing per week... on demand!

    What's Included

    • Product: MONSTER Marketing Pieces

      While MONSTER is a marketing approach and system, part of it is actual marketing pieces tested by hundreds of real estate agents and investors.

    • Marketing Device and Delivery Method

      MONSTER Marketing Pieces would have little value if not for the way they are delivered. Both the marketing device and delivery method are part of the MONSTER’S “secret sauce.”

    • MONSTER Manual

      The Complete Step-By-Step MONSTER Marketing Manual. Where to start, what to use, what to say, when to say… MONSTER is an out-of-the-box system. No need to invent or add anything.

    • MONSTER Call Center

      We have two providers to choose from with contact information. On average the providers are approximately $60.00 per month (additional charge, but they are trained on the Monster Marketing systems and scripts for setting appointments for you).

    • MONSTER Sample Delivery Package

      When you’re going to your appointment, don’t go empty handed. We have put together a Monster Sample Delivery Package which you can tweak to fit your niche, your area and the needs of your prospects.

    • MONSTER Face to Face Training

      Research shows that you have 90 seconds to build your credibility during your home appointment. MONSTER includes a special training on how to maximize those precious seconds and how to ace your appointments.

    • MONSTER Follow Up Sequence Training

      Follow up is crucial, but following up efficiently is as important. MONSTER includes training on the most up-to-date (and FREE) follow up tools and techniques so you can build relationship with your prospects without working 60-hour weeks.

    • One on One “Quick Start” Coaching

      1 hour start up coaching call to help you get the MONSTER system up and running for appointments this week. Your coach is most likely going to be a licensed real estate agent, so you will have a chance to ask questions and learn from someone who understands your needs.

    • Yearly FREE Live Monster Mastermind Summits

      We have handful live MONSTER summits held in different cities. Each summit has unique lineup of speakers who are experts of different areas of real estate marketing.  MONSTER Marketing System Owners get to attend these events at no cost.

    • Weekly Coaching* Sessions

      MONSTER Students ONLY! Learn from the MONSTER creator himself, Lee Honish, and MONSTER mentor, Diana Ortiz. Plus, many other specialists, marketers, and real estate agents who live and breathe MONSTER are regulars on the coaching calls. Get all your questions answered, share your successes or get help if something is not working out for you!

    *$147/month. 6 months commitment required.

    (Bonus material alone is worth $1,500 and is NOT available anywhere else!)

    • Video Course: "So You Bought a Domain" Series

      5-module video training on how to establish and grow online visibility for your business. Great for beginners, technologically challenged and social media shy.

    • Video Training #1: Never Forget Your Password Again

      Video training on how to generate unlimited passwords (all in your head) that are easy to remember, but hard to guess.

    • Video Training #2: Everything You Need to Know About Online Website Builders

      Not all websites are created equal. Learn about the different types of websites, and the real truth about heavily promoted online website building tools.

    • Previously Recorded Webinars, Podcasts, and Articles

      It would take a separate page to list all the titles of previously recorded webinars, podcasts, specials, interviews with industry leaders, web tips and tricks available to MONSTER Owners. All online, accessible 24/7 from computers, smart phones and tablets.

    People Behind the MONSTER

    Lee Honish

    "Named An Innovative Marketer in America"

    Over 1,000,000 web views (and growing)…

    Lee is an ADVOCATE, Author, Real Estate Consultant and former Head Loss Mitigator (IndyMac Bank) with 22+ years Asset Management & Real Estate background. Over the past 5  years Lee has developed cutting edge marketing and has created the only guaranteed marketing system for getting new listings & deals--the MONSTER Marketing System. Lee is the first to introduce permission marketing principles originally developed by Seth Godin to the real estate world. He's currently working on a book on "redirectional marketing", a revolutionary marketing concept that is the basis of the MONSTER.

    David Bartels

    As Broker/Owner of Help-U-Sell Conejo Valley (California), A Progressive, Full Service Real Estate Agency, David advocates for homeowners by helping them keep much more of their equity, by offering home sellers all the services they expect from a full fee real estate agent… and probably more, for a low set fee. In addition, David is recognized as an advocate of homeowners rights and has developed three other consumer oriented real estate companies. David was instrumental in testing, tweaking and improving the MONSTER. As a practicing real estate broker and investor, he made sure the MONSTER is field-tested, bullet-proof, and works in the real world of real estate-not just another idea or a theory.

    Vladas Krivickas

    Vladas is an entrepreneur, marketer, and co-founder Intelligent Clout, a Los Angeles-based boutique custom web design and online marketing company. His company builds websites that tell stories and create marketing campaigns that catapult their clients’ income by increasing their sales and marketing effectiveness. Since 2010, he conducted over 300 webinars and over 100 on-site trainings for real estate agents on various topics related to marketing, branding, and growing their business. His clients also include attorneys, diplomats, international import/export groups, local roofing companies and even a permanent makeup clinic.

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